Many sites offer freelance writing jobs. Some you need to subscribe, while others try to sell you some Private Label Rights (PLR) package to make money. PLR means you buy a book or some kind of package and you have the rights to resell it from your website.

Most freelance writers would not do this, and a writer should not have to pay to find work as a writer. With patience and perseverance you will be able to find writing jobs.

Anyone that says they can make you a lot of money in a short period is a huckster. If you want to be a legitimate and respected writer, find jobs and build your portfolio the right way. Get recommendations from satisfied clients. It takes time to build a portfolio and good work ethics to obtain testimonials from satisfied clients you can add to your website. Testimonials from satisfied clients on your website is one of the best advertising methods you can use to get new clients. Another effective advertising method is word of mouth. Have business cards and start close to home with the local businesses and the chamber of commerce to let people know you are available for writing jobs.

Nothing comes easy, you need to get out and sell yourself to the businesses and be known as a writer. Then you can start expanding to other areas. Do the work of selling yourself, and the writing jobs will come.

Remember that there is always someone trying to make a buck off the beginning writer. Do not pay for lists of jobs, stay away from bidding sites, and realize it takes time to be known, and get writing jobs.