There are numerous bidding sites which shall remain nameless in this post.

It never ceases to amaze me how little people think of writers at these sites. Yes you can find jobs there, if you are willing to work for peanuts. One job in particular is writing 500 word original writing articles that will pass copyscape for the paltry sum of $3.00 per article. That comes out to $0.006 cents per word. I know a freelance writer that routinely gets $150 for a 500-word article. Less than $0.05 cents per word would be discouraging to many freelance writers, even new ones.

There are also sites that offer lists of writing jobs, put you have to pay a monthly fee to see the list. Freelance Writers should not have to pay to find work, and, writers should be paid a fair and reasonable sum for their writing.

On a persoanl note, I’ve passed on writing jobs because of the pay offered. The pay was deemed to be an insult for someone that has written and ghost written a total of 300 published articles, and 50 book reviews.

If a freelance writer wants to work cheaply, that is his or her business,but it does make it harder for the rest to get a fair sum for the writing they do for clients.

Freelance Writers work to make a living, this can only be done by getting paid for their work at a fair rate for the work.

Off my soapbox now.