Freelance writing offers freedom to pick, and choose writing assignments on your own schedule. The freelance writer, while having a certain amount of freedom, must NEVER miss a deadline. Missing any deadlines, says you are an amateur, not a professional

Acting like a professional writer is the only way to be one in the eyes of the client. Professional means, to only submit good work and on deadline, if not before. Deadlines are critical to the reputation of the writer. If the writer never misses a deadline, and they turn in good work, that will aid in getting new assignments from repeat clients. Miss a deadline, and you may hear from that client again. If a writer is not dependable, clients will not hire him or her; it is just that simple to lose clients and give other writers a bad reputation in the eyes of clients.

Writers known for good work, and meeting deadlines, may, from time to time, get assignments with a short deadline. If the writer has a good reputation, he or she can charge extra for the short deadline. Having a short deadline does not mean the writer is allowed to turn in less than good work. All writers should be proud to say, “I’ve done the best job I can.” If a writer cannot say that, they should rewrite the piece until he or she can.

Bad writing reflects on all freelance writers. This might be unfair, but it is the truth in the eyes of clients. Kind of like, “One bad apple spoils the barrel.” Freelance writing can be a rewarding job. It can also be a learning experience for writers. No one writer knows everything about every subject. If a writer likes the challenge of research and has the time, he or she may be able to write on almost any subject. It does take research to sound like an expert, even though the writer is not.

A freelance writer needs to use discretion when accepting assignments. If the assignment is about a subject the writer is not an expert in, research is required to write the article. It is important for the writer to estimate the time required for him or her to write the piece. If the deadline is too short, it is up to the writer to negotiate with the client on time and price for any short deadline and the time to do a good job.

It is better to pass on an assignment than to write less than your best work. If the writing assignment requires intensive research, the writer should know this, and explain to the client, why extra time is required, or why the project is being by-passed at this time.

Another key to freelance writing success is to keep good relations with all of your clients.